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    So what’s up with the Redmoon Fortunes? Can they be mailed to the alchemist in some sort of combination? What’s the best thing you’ve received from a Redmoon Fortune?

    For me the best thing I received was 3 small carbodynes and an A-Vend piece I really didn’t need at the time when I was level 600 or so, but glad I hung on to it, I eventually dropped all my A-vends in FV somewhere.



    I’ve heard of clear sunsets and catalyst chambers coming from a fortune. I’ve gotten protections/duras, but mostly seeds.



    I usually find about 40-50 a week and average the following:

    300 seeds
    50-100 small boosters
    5-10 e-vend pieces
    5-10 sigrium pieces
    1-2 a-vend pieces
    1-2 c-vend pieces

    The “biggest” pull was 100 small visyne which I have gotten a few times and I believe 25 small moradyne.

    I trust December, but I have never gotten a protection and DEFINITELY have never gotten a sunset or chamber. I have probably opened 1,000-1,500 fortunes.

    Hopefully they will figure out a way to change the process so we do not get e-vend or sigrium or at least increase the odds for something more beneficial as those are completely useless. I would rather get gold from a fortune than an e-vend / sig piece.

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    I got ss pants,booster and dura’s



    My best is a protection so far.



    Evends and Sigrium have absolutely no value. Even A and C vends don’t really have any value. Actually, nothing really has value in this game. No one buys anything and you can’t buy anything with gold.

    I had a clear wand a few weeks ago come from the Fortune. Right now the wand is level 39 but still has a 0 at the front. Of course eh?



    Fierce1 you’re talking about the stage of your wand right? I was told that the stage really doesn’t matter. Is that true?



    The stage is the only thing that matters. It determines the attack. Right now at level 39 and stage 0 it does similar attack to Randior. Wand of Sacrifice does more damage than it.

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