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    I am/was AlphaSolo, started redmoon on diosa, went to Olympus, then a few weird ones and then landed here. I played a very long time and it appears my account is still active, but I don’t know the password! If you know the character you may or may not know me because for the last few years it was my buddy jonny not me… I regonize soooo my of the statues… I played redmoon for a long time but I NEVER WENT TO 1K, so im back to complete my quest! Help me GM! And if you guys wanna help throw me some items I wont cry haha im starting fresh im lvl 70.

    Ps sometimes my philars name was MrFriendly



    Email and supply the email address that was used to create your original game account(s). @GMRaven should be able to help you out with that. Nice to see you again AlphaSolo. I remember you from when I played originally. Welcome Back.


    Welcome back Alpha. I too am on the quest to 1k lol ! Created my toon 10 years ago…about time I “finish” him lol.


    Hey Alpha, welcome back!

    We just recently moved the game server and web server to new machines and are still ironing out the little details (like the game account password recovery web form). I should have it up shortly and will post here and PM you with the details!


    Thanks guys I actually figured it out after a while. Now to complete my quest!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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