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    Hello beloved Redmoon community,

    First a little intro on why I am making this topic. For almost 5 years (with long pause periods) I have been working on creating a new Redmoon client and server as a side project. At first I was learning how to program, understanding all the file types and make editors. About 2 years ago I started on a client, building it up from the ground with XNA(C#). Since then I have been learning alot and had to restart the project a few times. Now I feel pretty good about the maintainability of the code, because I am using an entity component system(ECS) approach.

    Now why am I making this topic. I always thought I would be able to manage this project alone as I progress as software engineer. But I have come to the conclusion that at this rate I would need another 5 years or so to be able to make a solid 1.0 version of the client/server. The problem mainly relies on the fact that a game touches so many domains(e.g. graphics, networking, sound, assets, security, input, design). Understanding all these domains and work them out perfectly into a new Redmoon client/server is taking up alot of time. Personally I think the Redmoon community cannot wait another 5 years to get a boost.

    So I want to ask for your help, suggestion, thoughts, interest! Do you want to see this work out? What are the goals? How can we achieve these goals?

    On the top of my head the following things I am not able to manage at the moment:
    – Legal advice (copyright)
    – Network security (encryption)
    – Funds (paying dedicated server to build on)
    – Database management advice
    – Indexing all assets (e.g. interfaces, sounds)
    – Testers eventually
    – Community builders (website, wiki, forums)
    – Planning this whole thing

    Little clip of the progress:

    – First you see an old build of the client with some console commands
    – Second I start up the server
    – Last I load the latest RM client and (auto) login on the server

    Lets have an open discussion on IF we want to achieve X and HOW.



    Special thanks to:
    Mark Gould
    Craig Petre

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    1. (sort of kidding) Is there something that can be outsourced to our brothers in China or India?
    2. I think it’s a great idea, and I can’t believe you’ve worked on it alone for five years.
    3. My skills are: databases, python, java, web development, and android app development.
    4. I don’t know any C languages, but I’d be happy to help with more menial tasks.



    Hey thanks for your reply!

    1. Could be an option:). Tough I never did something like that. You?
    2. Well special thanks goes to Craig for learning me some basic Java (5 years ago before I went to college), Mark(m4rky) for working together (we worked a few weeks together) and helping me understand some basic networking and GMCygnus for general support. Without these 3 people I would not have gotten this far.
    3. Nice, sounds good!
    4. Lets see if more people are able to help and how we maybe gonna do this all together!

    I am thinking about making a scrum backlog (project management) for all features. That way it would be easier to index what needs to be done:).

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    Fantastic progress and determination to work on this for so long! Definitely very impressive how far you’ve gotten working on it solo, but I would agree there is still a lot to do; definitely need a team effort!

    I’ve played RM off and on since it launched and I’d be happy to give you a hand on this project. I’m a full-time software engineer with a few side projects already so I can’t offer much time-wise but I do have a lot of experience with game design using C++/C#, Unity, SQL, and a plethora of other technologies.

    There are some free/cheap server solutions out there especially if it’s just a small project with minimal resource requirements. Having a non-windows server would greatly reduce the cost of the service (I use DigitalOcean personally), so maybe that could be an option.

    I think you’re headed in the right direction with the goals, the most important of which is identifying the short/long-term goals, setting milestones (generic project management stuff), and assembling the team!

    Feel free to reach me on here or send me an email at lgdpyro@gmail.com if you’re interested in some help. Otherwise keep up the great work!! 🙂

    – Chris

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    Thanks Crhis, I really think you could be of great help. I will contact you tomorrow:).


    Hey Robin,

    I think the answer to the question of “Do (we) want this to work out” would be a resounding yes! I believe a big factor in the declining number of players is simply the inability to play the game correctly on newer windows platforms. If this were to work out, I believe this server would see renewed life.

    I was on frequently a couple of months back until, suddenly, my old XP laptop finally crapped out on me. I plugged my windows 7 laptop into my gaming monitor (as the screen of the laptop is cracked) and loaded up a Redmoon client. I buffed up my canon, walked into summit, walked up to a guardian and – suddenly – the game froze. I tried again a couple more times after this and the same thing kept happening. The game simply didn’t run smoothly on my windows 7 laptop.

    I haven’t really gotten back on again with the intent of doing any actual game play. While some of this has to do with me being busy with school, it mostly has to do with the fact that i don’t feel the client is reliable enough on my platform. I have been looking to replace my XP laptop, but i have a hard time pulling the trigger on the purchase. I love playing Redmoon, but buying a laptop with an unsupported operating system for the full price of a new laptop feels ludicrous to me.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much I can offer to help the project along. If I knew more about programming I would most definitely take on some of this work. If this were a few years down the road I might have been able to offer some legal advice, but as of right now I’m only a student. I believe all of us in the Redmoon community would absolutely love to see this come to fruition. Even if it does end up taking five more years, I’d absolutely still play it!



    Hey AirJig,

    Thanks for replying! Sad to hear its so hard to play this game:(! Are you going to study at a law school?

    As of legal advice I only want to know if the assets (images etc) are free to use. If its illegal to use the assets then I want to know if its just as illegal as having a RM server. If so then we know we do not have to worry because RMC has been around for 10+ years:).


    Yes I’m in my first year of law school right now. That being said i don’t have the knowledge or experience yet to fully answer your question, but I think the fact that this server has been around for 10 years without issue says a lot. Also, we aren’t charged to play on this server. Intellectual property laws mostly have to do with things that are being used commercially.

    It’s unlikely that the creator of Redmoon is looking to license another game so the chance of being pursued in court for this seems slim. The manga is no longer being released either so I don’t think there is an issue here.

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    If somehow you could eventually reach these goals and workout the copyright issues. Than get this thing on Steam, the traffic would be massive, and if your in this for profit, than you’re set. So go all the way, finish the games story line, and advertise it like no tomorrow. I’m not sure if you’ve done this already, but you also need to analyze the games current problems. 1st, it’s not recognized by the target market. Realize that there are millions of people out there, that would love to play this game if they knew about it. 2nd of all, the story line is not finished, no one likes to play an unfinished game. 3rd of all, the game isn’t supported on a wide array of platforms and operating systems, they can’t play it if they don’t meet or have certain criteria.
    It looks like your still in the very early stages in this project. Somehow find someone to invest in it, and work out a deal with him/her or their company. That money could be used on education to pursue the project, hiring employees, lawyers, and programmers and ect.


    Redmoon at 60 FPS…the dream.


    Thanks once again for all the input! I will post more updates, but that may take a while:). I am trying to spend every spare hour on this project! I hope to have more news around januari 2016.


    Speaking as someone with a skillset other than programming, thank you for your efforts and I hope the community (here and elsewhere) continues to learn about and rally behind this project!


    Everything is progressing well so far:).

    Does anybody have all the comics? I am not sure how many RM comics were published. I know there are 7 but I only have the first 6. I hope there are more than 7. I want to get them translated:).

    If you have any info about the comis, please let me know!


    I only have the digital version of the comics (in English) that are floating around the internet. I don’t remember how many, I saved them to my Google drive a while ago.


    Hey I can help program! I also know c#. do you have this on github?

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