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    Wow i recently buy 2nd hand cpu after 10 whole year , you know now all pad and phone . I just plug my old HD and i found my installed redmoon game so i try to re register my account then i found out my ID is still on so i reinstall the game using my old ID and password to enter,
    To my shock and surprise my account and character is still available , This to me is my surprise Time Capsule from 10 yrs ago.
    Thank for all your consistent and relentless believe plus faith, you all have my Respect and Kudos to you guy.
    I not a pro in this game but my brother is, But this is first online game that year only i play Counter Strike and Warcraft, later come Ragnarok.
    My Big brother meet my sister in law in this game, their travel all the earth and signus while dating, hunting, pking and guild war for 7 month.
    You know their have my respect for doing that, and my brother is in Malaysia and while my sister in law is in HongKong and their get together in this game.
    There is one time dating near the spaceship in the cliff while looking at sea saying ‘Look at all those fish and dolphin jumping around’ wtf…
    How nostalgia.

    Thank you


    Is there anyway to put this game on android?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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