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    Hi guys,
    I grew up reading Redmoon comic books and playing Redmoon game. I played some years until they stopped the service in Korea in 2006. Apparently this game had many fans including me, so many Koreans ran Redmoon “free servers” and I enjoyed playing it from time to time.
    Not all Korean free servers survived which I could guess why. Today I got to know there is a well-maintained English server and I have to say I was quite surprised. I never thought Redmoon would expand outside Korea. It made me feel proud.

    I wanted to say thank you for running this game for years. The service was stopped 14 years ago and this server is still running in 2020! And you guys aren’t the only one enjoying this game. Two founders of a Korean company decided to bring this game back in Korea. Their company isn’t a game company but they did a contract with comic book writer to officially run the service. Here is the article:

    Thank you for continuing the Redmoon spirit 😉 I enjoyed it very much today, I will come back once in a while.


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