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    The memories… The Diosa days were great, but also had fun on Olympus. After that on RMC, but never made it to 1k, always made new characters 😉

    I can remember you khaleb, often hanging out with Sjappie as I recall. It feels like a lot more than 11 years though ^^

    Hopefully Redmoon 2 will bring create some new great feelings to look back to one day 🙂


    Hi I’m toothpick (jarexx) goldenshowers (lavita) and BritneySpearz (Canon)
    I know most of the people that posted their names. I was around when Azzy777 mentioned that event with Aguilas the azlar, it lasted for 3 days I think right before it shut down.


    @Aurello: Indeed. 🙂 I remember Sjappie too. There were more because i wasn’t the only one playing, but my entire family (GF and kids) played too. SO often we were online with at least 2-3 people. Still trying to remember a few ppl but its quite a long time ago…


    I played Diosa during the beta but moved to Olympus.
    The downfall of all the official servers was pretty much the same lack of any security on the client/server.
    We worked togheter with m4rky to get the server running after he got them off diosa/korean joycity and olympus.
    It was pretty easy to get on anyone’s character only knowing their username and character name.

    On olympus me and my brother shared our desty xPikachUx (first destino to hit 1k) with golden statue in str1.


    I happened to be reminiscing and stumbled upon this thread. I played Diosa from beta, most people would know me as Schism and toward the end I took part in the downfall of Diosa. So let’s start where it began:

    – The Koreans that came to the Diosa server in the private beta were friends with the GMs and received preferential treatment and often items (like free boosters)
    – This upset LunarenaTheHoe, later renamed Xike. He happened to be friends with onesotkill, who happened to be a smart dude that either stumbled upon how to dupe or learned it from someone else. Mentioned earlier in this thread, his name was Steve.
    – When the Battle Dimension was released, I quickly became obsessed with it and was one of the best players (pioneering the all strength Destino). Unfortunately I hated leveling and was a quickyne addict. I traded hundreds of pills for quickyne from, you guessed it, Xike. Xike of course received it all from onesotkill/Steve via duping.
    – Eventually free kills became standard practice in the BD and Xike stopped trading hundreds of quickyne, instead just cheating and “winning” himself, which started my desire for vengeance :p
    – I started poking around and with some other people we discovered that at certain Dexterity breakpoints there was a guaranteed hit/miss pattern. I believe it was the 7th attack after changing screens that was a guaranteed hit (with abilities moving the hit counter once and weapon attacks incrementing by 3 at a time).
    – I eventually got my account compromised via a keylogger and lost all my stored up boosters. I was kind of devastated when the whole thing was completely ignored by the GMs and decided to figure out how to dupe. I started talking to onesotkill/Steve and he gave him my guesses at how duping worked. He hinted to me which ones might be correct.
    – I setup a proxy server with Visual Basic to watch how my connections to the Redmoon servers worked and noticed that my connection dropped whenever I switched maps. I realized that if I had the proxy ignore the request to drop the connection I could stay connected to two map servers at once. I could then drop boosters / gold on the second map and disconnect from there. Then you could disconnect from the first map and the server would save your inventory from the first map, essentially making a duped pile on the second map without affecting your inventory.
    – After abusing the duper myself for a month or two I created a service with keys, proxying people’s connections through me to facilitate duping. I sold a few copies and made some cash. That’s how I met m4rky.
    – m4rky and I talked and through our discussions he figured out duping as well, but he wasn’t satisfied. The dude was incredibly curious. He had some enterprising friends on IRC who were very interested in encryption. They reverse engineered the encryption keys for the communication protocol and made a DLL that m4rky and I played with.
    – The auto-healer was made and we abused it quite a bit. It basically made it so whenever you hit the 1 key it called the request for the doctor and healed you. GMs caught onto this by watching people’s inventories in dungeons and banned them when they healed but inventories didn’t change.
    – I created a bot that would walk around auto-leveling. It never amounted to much.
    – m4rky or one of his friends discovered that the command to login as a character didn’t actually use their password. Instead it was a hash of the user’s email address or username. For some reason it didn’t work on longer usernames, but we were able to login to a lot of high level accounts and caused chaos – purposely fading the uniques of the Koreans that were abusing their GM connections.
    – Eventually we all got banned. m4rky found a SQL injection bug in the forum software and dumped most of the player database. At that point they shut down. He used credentials he found to login to the Korean FTP that the GMs used to download the latest server software.
    – Diosa never returned.

    Redmoon Classic arrived shortly after but was vulnerable to all the same issues as Diosa. I cut a deal with GMRaven that I would create intermediary server software that would both fix duping and also auto-report anyone that used the doctor hack. In return I believe I got a level 900 Canon character along with some uniques. It caused quite the uproar that I got the character and I kept getting PKed. I quickly tired of the griefing and quit. A few months later, I believe a mutual friend of m4rky and myself (who actually purchased the Diosa Schism account from me) assisted in changing the encryption keys for the server software for RMC, making the existing DLL and hack software obsolete.

    That’s the last I know as I haven’t played since! I still talk to Julie, Xike’s sister and one of the other dude’s Mike from my army is still a Facebook friend after all these years. Haven’t kept up with anyone else!


    glad i never attempted to use my doctor hack on this server. i actually received it a long time ago from RedFLAME?. i figured it wouldn’t be blocked on this server. sadly yahoo detected it as a virus and removed it. also member you Schism didn’t know you were behind this.


    I didn’t create the doctor hack, that was actually of Korean origin. I created a duper (but it never saw wide release) and a bunch of personal tools that I used. The public release stuff (post doctor hack) was almost exclusively the work of m4rky.


    yep i never personally had access to the duper but i think everyone knew it existed at the time. especially when the BD came out i remember easily selling my power pellets for a crazy amount of quickyne — i think i should have asked for more.


    There were a few tools but they weren’t released to the public. I wrote my own tool based on the dll m4rky gave me and beside m4rky and me, and one common friend, nobody got it, because it was much more powerfull than Rmob and there was close to nothing that wasn’t possible with that tool including custom gear, custom stats, character changing (make a max level Phil then switch it to Jarexx or go from max red to max blue), playing banned accounts, blocking the teleports GM’s used to do to the empty map, even Mass Disconnects and a forced server crash/reboot were possible.

    Not the kind of tool you want to become public.


    A few months later, I believe a mutual friend of m4rky and myself (who actually purchased the Diosa Schism account from me) assisted in changing the encryption keys for the server software for RMC, making the existing DLL and hack software obsolete.

    Ironic thing is that guy has been a GM for RMC for over a decade. *Whistles*


    I miss the good old Diosa days. I also played since beta. I remember being in middle school and requesting CD updates in the mail because I had horrible dial-up. I wish I still had a few of those cds sitting around.

    I did always wonder what eventually cause the crash of the server. I do recall m4rky and another buddy of his. We would chat on msn often for some time and he shared quite a bit of info and set me up with some RM stuff in exchange for a Mu hack I gave him. Granted at the time I didn’t really understand networking and cryptography and My programming skills were non-existent. I often do wonder what happened to him and a few other exceptional hacker friends I’ve met over the years. Hacking is what sparked my interest in computer security/science. I don’t know where life would have taken me If I didn’t meet these people along the way.

    I’m glad there are still people here keeping the original Diosa dream alive!


    I just found a disk I requested recently =) still has my old address on the shipping label lol


    I miss the old days of Diosa. I never got high level but it was fun.

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