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    Minerva’s set (3 rings 1 robe 1 necklace)

    Parcae’s Buckle

    Shield Of Erinyes

    Will Of Erinyes

    Fresh Breeze

    Spirit of Minerva





    I want too. But they don’t care about players and just let the unis sit on inactive accounts. Or they won’t increse the unis. Or add them to vendor. Or the donation vendor. They just don’t care..


    If they made uniques available for purchase and put in vendors, it would not be RM “Classic” anymore. Making uniques and other items a “challenge” to get is half of what makes the game enjoyable. There is a great feeling when you invest time to build strength and can watch that unleashed in the battlefield rather than it just being given to you.


    Actually it was easier on diosa to get uniques, it is a much larger problem here than on diosa. Also I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on diosa to get them, in actual cash, which is an issue here as well. Unique is not a word that means capped, it just implies lower scarcity than other items.

    The idea of dura potions is barely utilized, there is no BD, and high donation costs for sunsets leave much to be desired. Sure the game being old makes it hard to market, but these other problems make it impossible to market this game.


    No advertising and absentee leadership cripple growth. You pretty much have to already know about the game or word of mouth to find it. And need to use a cached wiki to learn about it. And even then, the deeper mechanics of the game aren’t in any polished guide.

    This server was also supposed to wipe accounts of uniques after 6 months of inactivity, but either the owners of the uniques keep logging in to avoid the purge, or the purge isn’t happening. I’ve always thought uniques were a bad idea. I don’t think they should be permanently available to anybody. It should be something that you are happy to find rarely, but start to fade once you equip it, like boosters have a duration once you use them. That way you can complete sets and enjoy them for limited time. Gives everybody a chance while also having a limit.

    I’d argue that the donation system is flawed, but it comes down to $$$ and it’s really hard to argue against that, since people keep spending their money. And when you really think about it, this is the most stable server I can remember ever playing on, so that aspect is working, even if it turns other players away from the game. Honestly though, I wonder what the difference in profits would be if they switched donations to boosters and buffs instead of sunsets, and made sunsets available in game. Maybe even keep sunsets in the donation system, but make them drop also.



    I can attest that the wipe is definitely in place – at least is was 2.5 – 3 years ago. During my most recent hiatus of 2+ years, I lost a good number of sunsets to the ether. So it’s almost definitely that those hoarding uniques are logging in periodically to keep their accounts active.

    Perhaps a middle ground would be to randomize the amount of time between shades, so that rather than being a fixed period of 6 months, it’s some random interval, between, say 1 month (or maybe 1-2 weeks to be even more aggressive) and 6 months. Then, to guarantee no shading inactive players would have to log in much more frequently. 1) This would likely result in more uniques going back into circulation (although I hear many types of uniques are already well past their drop quota), and 2) If mostly inactive players were having to log on more often it might render them more likely to come back to a more active status.

    Just my thoughts…


    They already had unis in the vendor a while back so it’s already not the way it was ment to be. And being able to buy sunsets… Really. O they don’t drop.. O how about a gm care and fix it so they do.. Or have auctions or anything . only one doing something is merc

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