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    Can we get warps back? I didn’t know there was a “boost” event since it wasn’t announced on the site, and also didn’t know when that boost event ended that warps would be disabled. If i knew warps were gonna be disabled I wouldn’t have left my toon on earth.

    What is the dokdo space ship schedule? Every time i go it says it’s not ready to launch lol.



    whoops didn’t realize i was on trade board and not the general board lol



    Ship opens at :30 and :00 and closes at :35 and :05 (5 minute window).



    Thanks for that info. Do you have to kill everything on the ship or can you just wait in a pod?



    Best way is to stand next to a pod. Kill a rockbeast when it appears and then wait again
    2nd time it appears, kill and wait
    3th time it appears, kill and kill everything on the ship. Make sure you dont forget monsters else you crash back to earth.
    As long as the computer alert about monsters found on spaceship continues, you still need to kill more
    Once thats done you can enter pod and wait. You will crash on bx, cx, dx etc depending on the pod you entered.

    edit: You can check if its time to clear ship. You start after 2nd room has been destroyed. You can start earlier but then monsters just respawn. So you can also use first 2 waves to learn the route.


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