• okay so dave is going afk for a few weeks… i have curenty lost internet in area.. and will be moving in next couple weeks
    as of now its been 2-3 weeks since i was last on!
    i am also building a windows xp laptop spacificly for redmoon! so i can duel screen again.. windows 8 sucks
    i hope everyone enjoys there grinding..…[Read more]

  • i just realized in download files the second patch 603 i went to instal it and pc went into panic mode to delete it lol
    if someone could send me a clean copy of the file im thinking that may fixx some of my ingame isues…

  • want to buy 1k+ phil this friday blue pref! but will grind out blue from red if i have to 🙂 i dont want to go over 750 tokens. but will compromise
    in game me dave02 or inbox me here!

  • dave replied to the topic selling in the forum [1] RMC eXchange 4 years, 11 months ago

    interested in kit and blue phil in game name dave02 let me know what damage will be and we will try figuring somthing out

  • dave replied to the topic Selling 1k Sadad in the forum [1] RMC eXchange 4 years, 11 months ago

    tell me how to get tokens.. and we will work somthing out in game name dave02
    also wondering how sticky we are main use is gonna be tank
    also looking for blue spirit kit and a blue phil 🙂

  • 950-1k blue phil blue sadad blue(spirit)kit

    i am a 300 desty atm and new to the server however i hate seeing someone shouting for help and no one there
    i am maybe thinking about the phil and kit to basicly sit out at dun 2 for tanks/eggs /help with boss spy

    iv lvled all thes toons to 1k before.. just dont have the time with 2…[Read more]

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  • hey in game main name is dave02 im a 300 desty i dont have much to offer but i will soon be looking for vends/neck to gear up if we can work somthing out let me know 🙂

  • dave replied to the topic Redmoon modder in the forum [0] Redmoon 4 years, 11 months ago

    sorry to inturupt your bump i am trying very hard to get this working windows 8 does not have 16bit and every time i try opening program… it downloaded as internet explorer file… help

  • dave replied to the topic looking for army in the forum [2] Armies 4 years, 12 months ago

    thank you evo for the invite! i had to log almost instantly work called i ended up working 2 double shifts between then and now am going to bed then have a couple b day partys tomorow. but as of the new week! i will be online more frequent ! cyall in game soon!!!

  • dave started the topic looking for army in the forum [2] Armies 5 years ago

    i currently play a desty im now at 175 i play about 2-3 hours a day i work 2 full time jobs
    my in game name dave02
    if someone could mail box me in game or leave a message on here i would like to maybe have a person or 2 to chat with when on.. getting very bored with the lack of people on the server. figure maybe i can find a…[Read more]

  • dave started the topic deleting a toon in the forum [0] Redmoon 5 years ago

    how do i delete a toon my first toon when coming back was a phill i made it to lvl 14 before realizing i was going dex instead of spirit go me!!

  • dave replied to the topic questing in the forum [0] Redmoon 5 years ago

    thank you very much i could not remember what down town it was. but this should do me untill im ready for himas if i remember corectly.. so not looking forword to the ice philar…

  • dave started the topic questing in the forum [0] Redmoon 5 years ago

    i am new to “redmoon classic” stoped playing redmoon back right before diosa died

    i am a 125 and climbing desty
    i am trying to get some quests off but starting off i cant remember where the archeologist is
    iv been asking in game /shout for a couple days with no response..
    and have searched google with no luck
    is there anywhere i…[Read more]

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