• Best way is to stand next to a pod. Kill a rockbeast when it appears and then wait again
    2nd time it appears, kill and wait
    3th time it appears, kill and kill everything on the ship. Make sure you dont forget monsters else you crash back to earth.
    As long as the computer alert about monsters found on spaceship continues, you still need to kill…[Read more]

  • oldkhaleb replied to the topic Minor Updates in the forum [0] Redmoon 6 months ago

    Unfortunately, the droprate of apples seems to be reduced to almost none. Not a single apple dropped for me since changes eventhough i cleared almost every map i could handle on my lvl.

  • oldkhaleb replied to the topic RMC in the forum [0] Redmoon 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    I’m online often but also not many people on. And if they are online they dont answer

  • oldkhaleb replied to the topic Back to RM in the forum [0] Redmoon 7 months, 1 week ago

    True. and even 5 people is a lot lately. Ive had days that most of the time i was the only one online, ending up without any help or rescue.
    It seems most ppl only come online during events and whan event ended they just dont play..

  • Good to see more people from Europe coming online. Specially if they are Dutch 😀

  • What’s wrong with Dun1? Since 2 days the spawns just stop or the map crashes…

  • oldkhaleb started the topic Server issues? in the forum [0] Redmoon 8 months, 1 week ago

    Are there any problems with the server right now? I keep getting dced and can’t connect when it happens. Also redmoonclassic is down, at least from my location.
    Is it server related or Europe related?

  • I know it’s a bit late to post in this old thread, but Diosa wasn’t really down for “maintenance”.
    The server got hacked and in the end the entire DB with usernames, passwords and secret questions was taken from it. The GM’s were told there were some serious security issues in the server software and they forwarded them to JCE, since they didn’t…[Read more]

  • oldkhaleb replied to the topic True RM History in the forum [0] Redmoon 2 years, 6 months ago

    There were a few tools but they weren’t released to the public. I wrote my own tool based on the dll m4rky gave me and beside m4rky and me, and one common friend, nobody got it, because it was much more powerfull than Rmob and there was close to nothing that wasn’t possible with that tool including custom gear, custom stats, character changing…[Read more]

  • oldkhaleb replied to the topic True RM History in the forum [0] Redmoon 2 years, 6 months ago

    @Aurello: Indeed. 🙂 I remember Sjappie too. There were more because i wasn’t the only one playing, but my entire family (GF and kids) played too. SO often we were online with at least 2-3 people. Still trying to remember a few ppl but its quite a long time ago…

  • oldkhaleb replied to the topic True RM History in the forum [0] Redmoon 2 years, 8 months ago

    Just bumped into this thread after many years. Nice thread 😉
    I was on Diosa and my name was Khaleb, a Philar (some people might remember me). It all started relatively easy with M4rky duping and dropping money all over the place. Then, since the company didnt want to waste time/money on patching, it all went down very fast. I have talked to M4rky…[Read more]