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Auction Event

The Auction has concluded and all items have been mailed to bid winners.

Anyone who was unable to attend the auction AND has more than 75 tickets may contact merc7492/GCSirin for another opportunity to gain items.

All remaining tickets will be turned into Redmoon Fortunes following additions and rate adjustments to the Fortune prize pool (within the next week). Update: Fortunes have been converted, see Server Changelog: 2019-11 for other details.

We thank everyone who was able to attend.

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Short buff event

Tournament time frame: Sep 9-13 00:00 GMT +0

During the time frame you’ll have to upgrade to win special buffs.
Points will be based on amount and ss level (linked to account)

1- 2 buff 15 hours + 50 fortunes   ~timmy7~
2- 1 buff 20 hours + 40 fortunes   ~EV~
3- 1 buff 15 hours + 30 fortunes   ~Engineer~
4- 1 buff 10 hours + 20 fortunes   ~StarShades~
5- 1 buff 5 hours + 10 fortunes     ~WiseOwl

Winners are asked to PM me on forum or post here what buff the want.

(Roar, Heavens Advent, Rabbit’s Foot, Will Power)

all the buffs will come with full boosters, egg and sl

Have Fun!