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ShapeShift & Warps Event

The ShapeShift and Token Events have ended. PPills and Tokens Awards have been mailed to all participants.

The Warps Event is also coming to an end, the st2, fv, and honor warps will be available for some time to let everyone adjust from ShapeShift.

Forced resets have been issued to fix characters with improper stats.

We’re running a ShapeShift + Warp Event from now until August 31
Use the global command !!!help to see the warp list.
The global command !!!shapeshift to open from the game or open form your browser here:

Please remember, stats will not be reset if you are logged in and may
become locked if you switch between different characters (however, honor changing while logged in works now).

For stats reset you need to use the link above or !!!shapeshift in game while loggd off

For faster switching, without the need to enter account info.
Any combination of !!!shapeshift or !!!ss with a partial character class and/or honor will now trigger a shapeshift without a need for the web form.

!!!shapeshift red phil
!!!ss azl bl
!!!ss desty
!!!ss luna blue

These changes take effect upon your next map change and will not change your character stats. You must still use the web form (while logged off) to do stats reset.

Bonus Rewards:        time frame august 4-31, 00:00-00:00, GMT+0

Every 5 bill experience you waste on upgrading will get you 20 tokens
Each level you make above level 1000 will get you 20 tokens

capped to 2000 tokens per Character.

Top 3 Players from each category gets to pick a Selion or Tamas set.
condolence awards will be sent to places 4-5

Have fun everyone


11 thoughts on “ShapeShift & Warps Event

  1. Thx for event haha

    Q.1 Top 3 from each category gets to pick a Selion or Tamas set.


    Q.2 capped to 2000 tokens per character

    ㅡ many chars 100 level up = 2000tokens

    1. Q.3 Top 3 from each category gets to pick a Selion or Tamas set.

      ㅡpayment standard? First make 100levels up ? Many levels up?

  2. yes yes and yes

    6 set
    2000 per char
    top 3 who did most levels
    top 3 who wasted most exp on upg

    yes, I know 100 levels make you cap tokens.
    if you want the set lvlup more (:

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