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Leveling & Upgrading Event

We are having a leveling and upgrading event from:
May 30th – June 7th  00:00 GMT/UTC

For every 100 levels you will receive 2x Fortunes
For every 500 levels you will receive 10x Fortunes
For every 1000 levels you will receive 30x Fortunes
For every (5x 1000+ levels) you will receive 1x Fortunes

For every 10bill experience used in upgrading you will receive 1x Fortune
For every 300bill experience used in upgrading you will receive 1-0-0-0-0 orb
For every Orb/Sunset stage you will receive 1x Fortune
**Fortunes rewards are limited to 200 for each of your characters

We also have 4x Selion sets as a Top Players rewards!
Top 2 players who achieve the most levels will get to choose between a full selion set Or chipset (unlimited number of levels)
Top 2 players who use the most experience in upgrading will get to choose between a full selion set Or chipset
**your accounts are linked by email and IP so the same player can’t win more then once

Rankings Table

New formulas will be posted soon!

Have fun ya’ll!

6 thoughts on “Leveling & Upgrading Event

  1. Is it combined levels across all characters or just individual characters. For example if I level 2 characters to 500 each, does that count as 1000 levels and the reward of 30 fortunes?

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