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~Black Friday 2020~

In the next 24 hours with every donation you’ll receive a bonus!
for every 10$ 10 Fortunes Bonus
for every 50$ 100 Fortunes Bonus

forward the confirmation mail from PayPal to
Add your full name and character name


The event has ended, check your mailbox for fortunes.

2 Fortunes for every 100 levels
1 Fortune for every 10bill exp used in upgrading
20 fortunes bonus for any st3 made during event
50 fortunes bonus for any st4 made during event

*ss can be any stage or level when event start but needs to go at least 1 stage up during event to count.
*broken ss will count for st3/4 bonus

Good luck everyone

Removal of Uniques from shop tax

Due to gold duping, we have decided to remove uniques from the army tax system, effective Jan 1, 2021.
Uniques will still be available from fortunes, army war bonus, and events.
The last day to get uniques from the army tax system will be Dec 31, 2020.