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    Hey guys, to all those oldschool Diosa players that have been around for over a decade…

    I thought it would be cool to get some of the dirt/gossip out from the original Diosa, its downfall, and the creation of private servers. The bit I think I “know” always fascinated me a bit, and it would be cool to see some more details. I remember all the hacking at the end, some guy named m4rk or something like that, the hacking program that had certain AIDs for charters that let you log in as them (I guess they were probably the primary keys for your account in the DB). Pretty sure a guy Steve was involved with some stuff as well, who happened to CC mobs for me as a noob Azlar on XavierS (I was ThEbLaCkD, ThEgReEnD [I know, it was 2001 and alternating caps were cool], played a lot on Esper till Jen deleted her and left me with a lvl 1 orange Lavita =\ had a Philar SkAr that I bought for a couple of signus rares too with some stuff me and Esper saved up).

    Anyways, drinking a bit, and reminiscing about Redmoon. My first MMO that I ever played, right before I started highschool in NYC in 2001 and 9/11 happened. It was an interesting time as a teenager then, and RM was a cool escape. I remember hoping to get gift cards for birthdays and holidays so I could pay the monthly fee, convincing my parents to pay and “accidentally” leaving auto renew on, getting other people to help pay the sub for items (I think Strangebrew was a Philar who was friendly in game and got me a few months [I think I’ll finally watch that movie now… going to add it to Plex]).

    Well, this is turning to a rant, but I guess it could be more interesting than most of the activity on the board here.

    Maybe we’ll get some cool posts here, maybe not. Cheers!


    And I just bought strangebrew for anyone that read it… holy crap it was a bout beer! I barely drank or cared for beer when I knew that name, nor did I think ‘brew’ was beer…


    His name was m4rky lol i would like to talk to u some time. Ive been around since redmoon diosa beta testing


    I was USSJAnge a blue hair blue coat azlar


    Thanks USSJAnge!

    The whole ‘hacked’ thing is ok, but its pretty highly unlikely they just had the server installation files for both 3.9 and 4.x just chilling on the servers ready for the taking.

    I guess its more believable that the database schema was able to get copied because of security flaws, but there’s gotta be a bit more to it than that. I found an old thread on reddit today (actually I think I had read it maybe a year ago too…) that said Korea stopped giving new user keys to the US and a GM was pissed and released code that way. To me that seems more plausible. Or maybe it was some awesome social engineering ‘hack’ way before that was a common thing since social media was at its infancy then.


    lol i found this via google search


    Hello USSJAngie, and others.

    USSJAngie responding might just be the only reason I am jumping in. Azzy777 here. I was not Diosa beta, but I came right after the beta. I believe you should remember me.

    Anyways, I had only heard whispers and no one who claimed first hand that a GM released the game. However, I can tell you I was online the day it was first evident of hacking. I was there when m4rky walked into the BA in downtown 1 as the character known as Aguilas. There were always 10characters in the game, not 9. I guarantee you any GM in Redmoon classic could change into that character if they wanted. I have spoken with personally two of the hackers that were involved (could not say if it was a combined effort, or if once the first person did it, the others saw the weakness and repeated similar events) and I can tell you for a fact, more than two people hacked Diosa. As far as the GM releasing the files as well, wouldn’t surprise me, there was rampant misuse of GC and GM power back in those days.

    Diosa was huge in those days. Korea would have had no reason to stop sending sub keys out. Sounds like that happened AFTER the servers had already been hacked and the database compromised as well as explain why it was free to play for its last 6-8months before final shutdown. But that was also due to constant down time due to hacking.

    All of this to say, I think we should rouse the old Diosa veterans that have been involved over the years and come up with a collaborative story.

    There has been private forum boards that you had to be invited to to join that only the most inner ring group was allowed in. I can say I was a member of one such forum board. It was in its early days a place to chat and share Redmoon files and how to explanation on how to fix bugs and shit. A lot of GMs and GCs from some of the earliest private servers were there. I was personally a GM and/or a GC for several servers back in the day. Recoded all of the spawn,drops and exp files at one point.

    If anyone doesn’t recognize Azzy777, maybe you recognize GM/GCWinsaver, or GM/GCHitokiri.

    Also I can always contact my cousins for what they know. Cron, Glenn777, Dominator, Magus.


    Cron is supposed to be Crono


    only newb i know from diosa on here is dj. i quit diosa after like 2.65e or something like that and joined olympus… because i could smell the shit brewing on diosa. there’s not many olympus players here.


    i played on olympus too ;(


    I remember playing the beta with my cousins growing up on LI at the same time you were playing in NYC. My lavita, think I named her killabowgirl, was my first. I can remember how difficult it was to level, but how helpful the much higher level guys were. That is, unless one of them was hiding out in JY and killing us randomly. I miss having a lot of people around, doing silly things like dropping gold/items around st1. I stopped playing after a while (a while after they started charging for Redmoon). I came back to it with RMC a couple of years ago and have been playing on and off. I’m happy though, because the game is still fun to play and there are still quite a few very helpful people on there. However, I feel bad that newer guys won’t have the experiences we had with the old servers.


    Hey all! man it makes me happy and sad at the same time hearing all of this stuff. Happy cuz of the nostalgia, sad because the days of first playing RM on Diosa were a weird/special time in my life too and this game was oddly an almost unimaginably positive & integral part in all of it.
    Anyways on a bright and awesome note here is another chance to make some new memories and have some cool experiences. I keep seeing names of a lot of all your characters from the origin days on diosa and it’s so freakin cool! haha

    I had many chars but played primarily as the azlar SCUcloud. Spent a good part of my life in the str2 BA lol.I stayed at 199 for so long it was truly ridiculous. I ended up making alts to level up higher so I could leave my azlar there hehe Anyone remember double cast hatred/AD target clicking in and out of the ring? ahhh id love to hang out in game and chat with some of you and reminisce as if it were the ol’ days. I have countless stories to share too and i’d honestly love nothing more than to keep hearing all of yours! just glad to be here.


    Just bumped into this thread after many years. Nice thread 😉
    I was on Diosa and my name was Khaleb, a Philar (some people might remember me). It all started relatively easy with M4rky duping and dropping money all over the place. Then, since the company didnt want to waste time/money on patching, it all went down very fast. I have talked to M4rky quite a lot (and to his friend) and he gave me the code for packet encryption/decryption (also known as RMOB), which i used to write a few bots like auto-taxi and auto-egg (basicly autotaxi was a blue Phil that responded to “taxi” followed by the coordinates and auto-egg was a Kitana, often standing next to him to give out eggs.
    Later i decided to write a tool that could char-change, play without pay and many more good and nasty things (like player dc which was fun if yuo got PK-ed and instantly kicked the player offline 😉 ) . As far as i know it wasn’t released to public, at least not by me (only shared with M4rky and i doubt he ever released it)

    All i know was that in the end 2 things happened (and mostly because the fact that the owner of the game didnt give shit about the players as long as they paid.
    As far as i know the serversoftware for RM was retrieved by using SQL injection and installing a hidden FTP server which was used to download the server executables.

    Later, the entire playerdatabase, including names, passwords and hidden questions and answers was retrieved, giving the host no other option than pulling the plug on Redmoon. For those who think that sucked : i mailed the devs several times with the securityholes i found and told them to fix them or patch them but never got one decent response.

    But imo the gamecode was so crappy and had so many security issues that it was beyond patching.

    Nice memories though… its been 11 years already


    I was on in the Diosa days, as was CrazyBear (though him by other names.) We also both had stints on Olympus and daydream, and several bouts here with long pauses between. I have in the last nearly year seen and talked with a few old players from RMC and some from Diosa, and I’m always happy to see new, old faces. If everyone posting here got on occasionally it might make more want to log on, and so on. I doubt we’ll ever get back to anything resembling Diosa’s or even the RMC’s heyday, but who knows…

    Regarding the end of Diosa days, I dont have a whole lot of memories from after the pay-to-play period started. I never got any of my chars very high back then and wasn’t in with the ruling elite or in the know about their issues with hackers. At least we have a place here that’s shares a fair resemblance to the old days for us to properly reminesce.

    Hope to see you all in the game soon!

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